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Jim’s Daily Rant. Wars After This Silent War. Evolution of Man and Apes.

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

In his groundbreaking 1995 book, Ishmael, Daniel Quinn set my brain on fire! Until I read Quinn’s books I had never had the pleasure of learning from someone with such a clear grasp of economic history. He is a genius in his own right.

His first book above tells of a intelligent ape that places an ad in the paper for someone desiring to save mankind. One crotchety gentleman responded to put him in his place. The Gent was then lectured through mental telepathy over a period of meetings.

Ishmael revealed how throughout world history, large wealthy countries captured and plundered weaker countries through informal colonization. This transpired from country to country creating giant powerful countries, always needing to devour the next country. Thus has always been the history of man – cannibalism.

The question now is will there immediately be another war to colonize the U. S. after our current silent WWIII? This was suggested this morning by Michael Snyder in Even The Mainstream Media Is Starting To Admit That The World Is Teetering On “The Brink” Of Complete And Utter Chaos.  He believes that we will be invaded by either Russia or China. He could be right but I doubt it.

History agrees with Snyder. Immediately after WWII, we went to war with Korea and then Vietnam, both poking China. Then after that it was war with half of all the strange named countries so we could continue to feed the beast. Ishmael was right! There was no stopping ourselves. We all closed our eyes, seeing ourselves as saviors and plundered forward proudly. Ishmael feared we would do this until the world was destroyed. His concern is that “without man, apes have no hope of evolving themselves, as man could not evolve.”

Well, for the first time, I now have hope that war will end for mankind after this WWIII.

Here is my reasoning. We are now learning that for thousands of years a more powerful Elite Civilization, outside of our view, has been secretly plundering from the entire world. We now see that the more the larger countries colonized, the more the Elite plundered from them. Thus, no matter how wealthy we are, we were always starving to death as a country. Ergo, the need to eat one more country by warfare.

I hope that in our process of awakening, we learn of the secret leaks in our boats driving us insane with fear. If the world defeats this ancient Elite class, we will discover there is more than enough of all we need, therefore no need to cannibalize. If we can get all countries to close their borders and tend to their own needs there can be world peace. All we have to do is force the hidden Elite to earn their own living and no longer feed on our wars. Let them produce something or simply die off.


I went to night school another 15 years after getting my Accounting degree. I was trying to understand all there was about business as there were things I did not understand. I was perplexed why businesses had to grow 3 to 5 percent per year just to survive. But why? No one would tell me. Now I know – an unknown entity was stealing from them.

I could not understand why small businesses had an 80% failure rate in 3 years while large businesses didn’t. Now I know, they cheated and at the same time passed laws making it hard for smaller competitors to make it.


I do hope Ishmael gets his dream of seeing both man and apes evolve. I truly see mankind on the cusp of evolving as a species as we destroy our Elite parasites.

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