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  • Jim Costa

Jim's Daily Rant. Very Long-Term Stored Rice Tested.

Today I sampled a 50 pound bag of rice

stored outside for 7 years.

What I discovered:

It had some dead tiny bugs in the bag, I assume a type of weavol.

My understanding is they are in all large bags of rice.

Other than that the rice looked like rice.

How I sampled it:

I took a 1 cup sample and steamed it.

First I hand removed the dead bugs,

Then shook all of the rice in a fine filter to remove

dust and bug parts(?).

Then I added water for steaming.

I agitated the water for remaining bugs to raise topside

and I filtered them out.

I steamed it and compared the cooked rice with some leftover in the Frig.

There was no difference in odor, texture or taste.

Note: I never washed off the sprayed on nutrients.

Storage Method:

I cut a hole in a 4 foot cubic ICB plastic tote.

I stacked (34) 50 Lb. bags in it and sealed it

with duck tape and put a layer of rubber sealant over the door joints.

The cube was stacked under a pole barn with one side shielding the Southern sun (in Florida).

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