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Jim’s Daily Rant. UBS Bank has Collapsed.

Greg Hunter said that yesterday. Watch the first 5 minutes of Horrifying & Historic US Dollar Crash – Bo Polny.

Also yesterday Charlie Ward said:

Question: Has any more banks Collapsed?


As you know, I was just in Switzerland.

We all know that Credit Suisse collapsed and the Swiss government stepped in and gave UBS a 20 minute notice that UBS would purchase Credit Suisse.

The Swiss Government then gave them the purchase money and the Swiss people were livid because the government didn’t save their pensions but they saved the bank.

The Government said this would never happen again.

Well, karma has come around and bitten them in the ass because UBS collapsed this week.

There is nothing in the papers at all but for a reason. The super rich need to get their money out before the poor people realize what happened.

FYI: Credit Suisse Bank is one of the biggest banks in Europe, with $1.6 trillion in assets under management at the end of 2021. It is located in Switzerland. UBS Bank: As of May 2022, UBS is the fifth largest bank in Europe with total assets worth over €1.5 trillion. It is one of the eight global "Bulge Bracket" banks. It has over CHF 3.2 trillion in assets under management (AUM), approximately CHF 2.8 trillion of which are invested assets. Source It is located in Switzerland.

This was posted yesterday as well:

This was posted 4 days ago:

Recall this posted Nov. 17th by Jeannine: [Note my response.]

My Conclusion: Charlie Ward is correct, Switzerland is stalling to save the super rich. I believe Switzerland itself is in collapse now. Note that their main GDP is banking and physical protection of assets.

Keep in mind what disaster this will do to global derivatives.

P. S. Thanks for the heads up Jeannine. My question is "if this has been going on for nine days now, how come no one is talking about it?"

Is the world that terrified to say it out loud?

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