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Jim’s Daily Rant. Timely Signs - Free School Tuition.

In 1967 I was a senior in a Catholic High School. I was born in the middle of nine kids. Both of my parents worked but at the time were struggling financially. I had been working the past three years myself. Mom came to me one night and said we needed to “Talk turkey”. I knew what that meant. We were about to talk “adult to adult” and I was about to get my feathers plucked. It was no biggie for me. I paid the second semester of my school fees of $375. All that year I heard rumors that the government was about to allow public school tuition to be allowed to go to private schools. It never happened. My younger three sisters had to go to public schools.

A few days ago our Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, announced that beginning in September private schools will get tuition vouchers for all kids in private schools. Florida is now one of eighteen states that give vouchers for private schooling.

My question is “Why now?” Gov. DeSantis knows the banks and the Federal Government are collapsing. Our state is one of the fastest population growing states causing tremendous school construction ongoing right now. There is a shortage of teachers. So again I ask Why Now?”


What if the Governor sees the dollar collapsing soon, rendering those construction contracts voided through Force Majuere, or contract impossibility as there will be no dollar? I studied a case about a concrete bridge over a wide stream, boxed in by full grown trees and no roads leading to either side. It was just a bridge in the middle of a forest. The new County Administrator signed the contract ten minutes before swearing in for office. Legally the county could not pay for the bridge although it was half finished.

Is this what the Governor is afraid of, that the new schools will deteriorate if financially abandoned before completion? Is he looking to fill empty seats in private schools much like moving kids into lifeboats before it all hits? Is he hedging his bets?

If a private school proceeds to take the bet, they would be wise to purchase an insurance policy to cover their business decision to expand. Now would be a good time to invest most of their spare cash (if any) into silver.

Just another sign of the times.

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