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JIm's Daily Rant. The People's Global Revolution.

Updated: Feb 21

Early this morning I was thinking about the fact that when all civilizations collapse they lose their legal systems. This is most important to me because my passion is business and I read law mainly to learn the rules of business. I have always believed that one cannot win the game of Monopoly unless they first read the rules of the game. This is something I feel very few of us actually do.

Tom Luongo tells of an article he penned three years ago in which he said we are in the period in which the flying monkeys, of the Wizard of Oz, are flying all around causing mayhem because the witch is dead. He likens it to Kamala Harris, Fani Willis and Niki Haley are all doing now. They are working for their promised rewards not knowing if they are still available to them.

Luongo also points out that because of the $350 Million fine imposed on Trump in New York and his expulsion from doing business there, other big players are considering leaving New York as well because business law can no longer be predicted there.

Luongo also points out the Truckers rebellion to refuse transit into New York in response the the lack of predictive laws. Between the truckers and the big business exodus perhaps New York may get a rude awakenings.

In Clif High’s post, he used the term “People's Global Revolution.” That is the first time I have seen that accurate description. I do believe we are witnessing that.

Clif goes on to discuss the nearing time of attacks on Synagogues worldwide as they are broken into and video-recorded for evidence of “human herd harvesters”. He then discusses the taking down of the Central Banks.

Clif ends with:

As an aspect of the manifesting HyperNovelty period, in which all claims to ‘authority’, including religious, are swept away by manifesting reality, War, as we have known it in the past, will fade as the Contention between our species, and the Elohim, emerges.
It is time Humanity matures out of the delusions of War to see the Contention provided by Universe for our education and advancement.

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