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  • Jim Costa

Jim's Daily Rant. The No Jump Jumper. Play It Safe.

I have read several books on the planning that went into the D-Day Invasion.

It was decided that one particular General must jump with his paratrooper unit to complete their task. He was sent to Jump school. When he was ready for his first jump his superior officer ordered him not to take a practice jump. It was reasoned that there is a small probability that anyone can be injured on each jump. It was better for him to have a broken leg in France rather than England.

For those of you that are fully awake and know what is coming both during the chaos period as well as the recovery period, you should be extra careful. Your future vision, leadership and calm mind will be most valued during the recovery.

If you have to abandon your home and bunk in a safer position do so. You can return home when it is safe. I promise you no one will eat your house.

Your community needs you more than your house does.

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