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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Janitor That Became a Brain Surgeon.

In the 1980's My first job as a CPA was under the supervision of the son of the firm’s founder. The son was three years older than me. The firm was the largest in town. Ted was the oldest son.

Ted was either in the Army Reserves or the National Guard. I don’t believe he was ever enlisted. I assumed he was an officer but not certain of it. We had attended the same High School and his brother and I attended grade school and High School in the same class. I grew up knowing the family. I give you his details because I don’t know how he ended up an officer in the military as he would not have joined.

All I know is his complaints he had about his weekend life every four weeks earning his military pay. We lived in a port city. His outfit had the specialty of unloading ships. He practiced sliding boxes down a ramp and he hated it. Then all of a sudden he was both perplexed and excited. Their specialty had been changed to installing temporary governments. I assumed he was happy about learning something.

This week I read that the US is sending 700 modern tanks to the Ukraine army. If I understand that correctly I have to wonder who will man them? If I assume that most of the Ukraine army is dead or wounded will they have long longshoremen become tankers? If so will they drive them or push them along on roller ramps?

Just how long does it take to train a crew to properly operate a war machine like that?

So no, I don’t believe a word of it. The tanks may have been sold and moved but perhaps for another reason. If I assume the war in Ukraine is not what the world is being fed in newspapers, and if I believe Biden does not control the military, then perhaps the tank story is just a headline to garner more fear of nuclear war.

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