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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Holy Land.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, considered by Christians as the holiest day. All Christians consider Jerusalem as the Holy land. Some Christians see the Vatican City in Rome as the second Holiest Land. That is because they believe Christ gave authority for a certain few to act as his agent on earth, which progressed into the Vatican where the leadership is maintained and all Popes are buried.

A few weeks ago I wrote a Rant, Montezuma’s Revenge, the Vatican gave Canada to the French, N. America to England, and South America to the Spanish and Portugal. Because those lands were occupied by infidels (non-Christians) the Conquistadors that went there were free to kill and plunder to their hearts desire. That is why today those land areas speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

There is an area in South Dakota and Northeastern Wyoming known as the Black Hills. It too is Holy land. Indian chiefs from many tribes are buried there, similar to the Popes in the Vatican.

All American History books have a chapter titled “Manifest Destiny” in them. Loosely translated, it means for man to create god’s will. Historically it deals with the Westward migration of the conquerors and the genocide of the American Indians. Indian treaties acknowledged the sanctity of the land to the Indians and preserved it until gold was discovered, wiping out those treaties.

The final insult to the now mostly dead Indians was to enshrine the conqueror’s own chiefs there in the Black Hills, carved into Mount Rushmore. I suspect an Indian Language specialist could translate “Mt. Rushmore” into an Indian dialect to mean “Up Yours”.

So much for one Holy Land to kill and conquer another Holy Land, under the leadership of the god who directed love of all. How did we get our planet and morals so screwed up?

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