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Jim's Daily Rant. The Business Future.

Post Collapse Business Examination

Regarding The Post Collapse Period,

First Year

Answer Example #1. See Attached Future of CPA Practices.

Assumptions & Facts

The Central Banks and large banks will be gone.

The Federal Government will immediately devolve to only 25% of its current size and scope. After the collapse of the Soviet Union there were no government jobs, no housing records, no government oversight and rules, no legal system. There was no international purchases, no currency.

During hyperinflation, only food and major living supplies garnered all of the local currency. No funds went to housing and unneeded luxary items. This lasted about one year.

Question #1 What will become of the Medical Insurance Industry?

Question #2: What will become of the Nursing Home Industry?

Question #3: What will become of the hospitals and group Medical Practices?


Question #4 What will become of the Life Insurance, Fire & Hazard Insurance business?

Question #5 What will become of Big Pharma, drug store chains?


Question # 6 After the collapse, will Real Estate prices inflate or deflate? Question #7 What will become of House Flipping?

Question #8 What is the future of Real Estate Financing?

CPA Future
Download DOC • 19KB

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