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Jim’s Daily Rant. Thank you Jeff!

Your post yesterday, From Jeff – Flat Earth Weekend, is one of the best, of most of the best, articles that you researched and posted!

Your timing was perfect as this may be a long quiet weekend for some readers unfamiliar with this subject. Of course, this includes myself.

I posted your article last night just as I was going to bed. I have a time limit on my eyes and around bedtime they go out on me. I have had two cornea grafts placed on each eye over the years. It left lumps on the eye surface and the eye lids scrape them. After so many hours of them blinking over sand paper they begin to scream out “For god’s sake Jim, enough is enough.”

That happened last night. I posted but due to the tears was unable to read it until this morning. I just read it but when I awoke I already had this rant in my head to write. So please allow me to continue.

I am a little familiar with the Flat Earth concept but do not know what the truth is. I feel the same about Antarctica, although I have been looking at that situation for about forty years and realize it is both of great importance and off the charts for us little people.

For me, whether these two stories are true or not is immaterial. What matters is that after thousands of years we no longer have the Church or Elites forbidding us to openly and scientifically discuss the ramifications of these subjects! This is almost as big a leap for humanity as the first ship sailing around the Southern tip of Africa and back North without falling off the Earth.

For me it’s hard to believe we are finally able to freely explore our universe for ourselves without being killed, damned to hell or just having our lives destroyed for saying “What If?”


Jeff, I knew this weekend would be sobering for many people but your great research was badly needed for all of us here to continue to go down these rabbit holes. Thanks for being our Path Finder.

P. S. Once our species resolves the above issues, we can finally resolve our Number 1 issue: What's a woman really want?

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