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Jim’s Daily Rant. Taunting The Naked Leaders.

Yesterday Michael Baxter posted tow great article. The first, TRUMP: THE STORM IS COMING!!, suggests that Trump was prodded by the military to get it done, and has so ordered Gen. Berger to use his Marines to start arrests now. Baxter states that the fear is the Democrats are about to steal another election.

Several hours later Baxter wrote a second article, TRUMP TELLS ALLIES TO SHRED UNLAWFUL DOJ SUBPOENAS. He says that Trump’s pilot called Trump to tell him the FBI was with him and had given him a subpoena. Trump told him to tear it up and walk away, which he did.

Per Baxter: “President Trump, our source said, is now saying the regime is not a lawful body of governance, and, therefore, its DOJ appendages have no authority to subpoena Trump’s allies, or any American, for that matter. The subpoenas do not carry the weight of the law and are unenforceable, he added.”

The past two weeks we have also seen governors busing illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Kamala Harris’s front yard, Chicago and DC.

You know me, always searching for anomalies and patterns. What I see from all the above, if Baxter is accurate, is a major push to ridicule, taunt and demonstrate that the current Administration is unlawful and about to be arrested. They are being held up to the people and ridiculed and heckled while they continue to pretend their parts in the play. This is the height of scorn for actors on stage that must continue the act.

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