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Jim’s Daily Rant. Quick Recap Of SGAnon Today.

I am heading out this morning so this is a quick recap. You need to hear this podcast for yourself. If in a hurry then crank up the speed.

China is loading ships now for a ground war in Taiwan.

This is agreed on by the Alliance; China gets the return of Taiwan as China escapes the Kazarian Mafia as well.

When that ground war begins, it will collapse the global financial system.

The power strictures of the world are be rebalanced.

3 nations the Hamas attack on Israel.

This is a plan to expose and take out Mossad spy group in Israel.

In 2019 Q predicted Israel would stand down in the 2023 attack Israel.

The Hamas is acting under the Deep State’s CIA.

We must remove yourself from our emotional responses as we are being played by propaganda.

He discussed war in the Middle East.

See: SGAnon #63

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