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Jim’s Daily Rant. Prudent Timing. (Updated)

Some of our Fall Back Group Retreat members feel we will Activate in the Fall. I feel it will be around May 15th. Activation time is defined as when the first scared family moves there. When should we prepare for Activation?

Most of the construction was been completed five years ago. It has been just sitting, ready to be needed. We have had no meetings during that time. No training has been given the members. All training manuals are prepared, all procedures documented. We are prepared to open a silent gun school. There are manuals for the first people to arrive that will coach each one to fire up the kitchen, health facility, final security tasks and training, Moral and physical equipment activation. The last of our Focus groups, Planning , has been on the job all along. The other five focus groups, (Health, Nourishment, Moral, Security and Physical) have been dormant.

So with a six month spread in Activation time when should the group prepare for final activation, May or the Fall? Note that there is no money expense involved in this final final step.

In the business world, with no money costs involved, a reasonable, experienced Project Manager would move up to the earliest possible due date. Why take the gamble. Why risk the shut out of last minute supplies that were overlooked.

This is what I am proposing to our group today.

Note: If they agree, I may have to stop or slow down the posting to the Reset website as currently there is no Internet service at the retreat location.

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