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Jim’s Daily Rant. Premature Victory Lap and Lemonade Stands.

Podcasts are showing the demon worshiping performance at the Grammy Awards the other night. They show the sponsor to be none other than Pfizer. There are articles that Pfizer is now gloating over what they have done to humanity.

To continue the gloating Pfizer will also be the main sponsor of the upcoming Super Bowl game. So how’s that for gloating folks?

This past weekend we saw the balloon parade. We are lead to believe it was China practicing to deliver us into EMP hell.

But this past week we also saw India now purchasing oil in non-Dollars. We see Italy losing all their internet service for the second time. We see Hunter tied to the Ukraine Bio-Warfare labs and business, perhaps for the Big Guy.

Today we see California quietly ending Covid mandates for schools. The past seven days we saw indications that Nuremberg trials are forming in Switzerland, Thailand and Ukraine. We see major government leaders being charged/indicted/accused of crimes against humanity for Covid mandates, including: Switzerland, Thailand and Japan all while many other country’s citizens are demanding it worldwide. We see Bill Gates has sold off his investments in Covid.


So here’s my point. Things are not making sense here. Sure China could be practicing for an EMP delivery, I grant you that. But in all the war movies I have seen, nowhere did I see the hero race to within a few feet of the bunker empty handed, three times, practicing for the real thing with a hand grenade on the fourth try.

To me the balloon parade was glitter for the MS News to cover for Biden being snubbed by china, news of the Hunter/Big Guy lemonade stands operating in Ukraine, as well as cover that the Covid Narrative is now moving to the storming of the Bastille(s) worldwide.

The Main Street News can no longer tell stories of little girls selling lemonade on street corners and being harassed for it. They can no longer cover for the real stories coming over the horizon, the big Elite people’s lemonade stands being harassed by millions upon millions of citizens globally.

As far as Pfizer's gloating victory lap in our faces, well, realize they became the big sponsors about a year ago for those events, not last month. So for me they are fizzling premature bragging stunts only.

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