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Jim’s Daily Rant. Oops. Did The Vatican Do That?

According to Ben Fulford’s Report today, a major biblical event occurred Friday night.

The Vatican rescinded a decree from the 1400s to today that allows a person to kill infidels and got to heaven for it, no matter what. The Vatican also apologized to the world for this decree.

I quit the Catholic church because of this ingrained thinking in its human leadership. I was in my early 20s when I had learned enough to be disgusted and ashamed. Imagine a god instructing you to kill, plunder from and despise other humans? I couldn’t and wouldn’t. It was a personal choice.

One Pope ordered the death of all the Cathars in Southern France. Most of all the humans in that region, Cathars and non-Cathars were eradicated prior to 1350, leaving the area a wasteland for a hundred years.

This is what I wrote ten years ago in Humanity Awakens:

Will The U.S. Military Intervene?

This is probably the most asked question next to when. So let's talk about the military. Because I was never a part of the military, let me start with my hither-fore unspoken assumptions about that term "military." My first introduction to it was two years of High School Latin in which all we read was Caesar's Travels, his memoir, of how he conquered the known world. You know me, instead of learning Latin I learned culture.

After discovering that it was a brutal and horrible business, I learned that there were two levels to it. There were the top guys who were doing it because of power, the money, and also because it was in them. Then the lower level which consisted of plain men who needed a job and were just trying to survive to get their pension, that being a small parcel of land.

I fell asleep in school and when I woke up we were studying the Feudal ages in History. The only thing I remember from my History book was the pictures of knights in their armor. My thought was always that they were cheating. They were all bundled up protected and picking fights with people in loin cloths. It didn't seem fair. That image was so imprinted in my mind that now when I see pictures of our troops all bundled up with high-tech weapons and wearing body armor, I sense that same unfairness. But I digress.

The point that I am trying to make is that I slept in school. But after school, when I was wide awake, I read any book not assigned to me. I read a lot of my older sister's college books; I bought books; I lived in a library, anything to be around books that I had not been ordered to read. I spent twelve years in Catholic schools where there was a lot of material you were not supposed to be exposed to. I rebelled.

The real turning point for me was the school's version of the Crusades, which made no sense to me. I began to research on my own. What an education I gave myself; it's a shame it didn't reflect on my report card! Here's what my religious version of history failed to reflect.

The Lords all had private militaries, which consisted of knights and all those that supported them. Each day the Knights would go out into the countryside for a quick round of raping, pillaging and looting to earn their keep. Of course, they would generally harass the little folk rather than the neighboring Lord's knights - professional courtesy you know. It got so bad that the little folk feared to venture out and began skipping Sunday church services. By God, that was too much. The Vatican decided to put a stop to it. They decreed that, under threat of being damned to hell, the knights could not rape, pillage or loot on Sundays! Years later, the Vatican was so pleased with itself that it decided to make it a permanent peace by calling for a Crusade to utilize all those soon-to-be unemployed protectors of the realm and sic them on the infidels over there. It was easier and holier to have them kill others than to tell them that their profession was no longer needed.

With that being said, now let us talk about our military. There are two levels in it. Let's say fifteen top brass, and the rest. My belief is that the rest have been cheated from the git-go. They signed up thinking Mom, apple pie and love of the country. They were lied to by the recruiters and our culture. Now they are realizing that they have been had - that, for the most part, they are just paid thugs trying to stay alive. I believe that a majority of this part of the military may be on the verge of mutiny under the right circumstance.

Now let's address the top fifteen brass. Go back and review that eight players who need to crash the financial system. Most of them control the military financing and life after retirement for that Fifteen, plain and simple. I feel that the Fifteen are beholding to them, need them to keep payment to those under them from mutiny, and don't have the guts or ability to cut the ties.

Even if they did, look at what they would be exposing themselves to. Remember the Pottery Barn policy of "If you break it, You own it." Well, that is certainly apropos here. No matter what, the economy will be obliterated. If the military acts before it does, they will own that and have to rectify it. The problem is so massive that there cannot ever be a "planned replacement" for it. The U.S. military cannot make decisions that dictates how the whole world will function. It is a problem that will continue to cycle through: fester, explode, calm, change, and cycle again and again. If the military tries to manage the problem, it will try to placate the top powerful few, out of necessity for the military to survive. And therein is the crux of the problem, for to steer the solution, you end up keeping the problem and not resolving it. It is one fight the military knows it cannot win.

I feel sorry for the Fifteen - they are in a bad place. They too may have a soon-to-be unemployed profession under them, including themselves. They must be forced to believe that the Cabal has a plan to finance them during and after the collapse, but I feel that that plan is nothing more than "trust us." I picture the Fifteen as a small child knowing that the electricity must be switched off, but terrified to touch that big antiquated double-forked switch. The problem is now bigger than the Fifteen Top Brass. Therefore, it is my opinion that the Fifteen Top Brass will not order the military to intervene, unless it absolutely has to, as in the event of all out nationwide street violence threatening to destroy the military's support system. However, the officer corps under the Fifteen may risk death, under mutiny, and intervene just prior to the point of the threat to the survival of the military comes knocking at their base(s) door.

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