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Jim’s Daily Rant. Noblesse Oblige During A Surreal Week.

Let’s begin with my personal good news. I don’t believe that Russia will engulf the world in nuclear war. If by any chance a nuke gets the U.S., it will be a false flag by the the U.S. on itself, but I don’t feel that will happen. So for my family, we will remain calm.

Now to a more personal matter – my sleep pattern. Most of my adult life I have gotten eight hours sleep daily. I usually retire around 9 PM and get to work at 5 AM. It’s just how my mind works. I need the quiet time for the mind to work. Over the last two days news has been coming out most rapidly as you know. I was desperate for quiet time to digest it all. Last night I got twelve hours sleep and didn’t get up until 6 AM!

Here is what I realized that may help you. Yesterday evening Russia again said that they are at war with the Western Elite for not being part of their banking system, and they will fight with all their might to defend themselves. That is a mouthful and deserves a complete paragraph here.

That signals me that they are indeed part of the White Hat Alliance and not interested in blowing up the world. However, I suspect they may eventually resort to a tactical nuke or two in Ukraine to obliterate NATO.

Now to my personal family. I have never cared about money. I have always avoided pension plans because I didn’t want a golden handcuff on me – I wanted to be free to roam at will. I always undersold myself in job seeking because it was the adventure to create that was my payoff.

My wife has always been the money handler. She makes all the financial decisions because she is better at it. She has always lived frugally yet stylish. She bought her first home as soon as she turned eighteen and finally sold it two years ago. Ten years ago we moved to the farm into a two room school house she purchased for $200 and had moved there. We were most happy there. Last year she bought a Double Wide. Her favorite past-time is, and was, shopping at thrift stores.

Last week I advised her of the chatter about pre-1971 Dollars possibly being declared no longer legal tender. We both concluded that it was mostly headlines to scare people. Even if it were declared no longer legal tender, the government has a contract with the people to redeem them or else the people would kill all government employees within a week. So there was no rush to liquidate one’s excess cash.

However, she has always stored large banded stacks of hundreds. Sunday she said she realized she was most secure and was holding too much excess cash. She told me to go purchase another $10,000 in Silver Dollars on Monday. I did as told.

I value silver in future value, not as the price published today by the crooked banks. My belief is the lowest future value of it will be $3,000 per ounce. The surreal part of this Rant is that Monday was just a plain ole usual day to us even though she made a $Million Dollars that day, again. But it didn’t make any difference to either of us. To us its just stuff stored in vaults like Grandma's heirlooms in a storage shed that you never think about.

Today I will meet with the family because of Noblesse Oblige (the noble are obligated). They will have to decide if more cash should be used to order even more stored food for others, just in case.

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