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Jim’s Daily Rant. New “Family” Banker. Part III - The Group.

To be a great Family Banker you need to form a support group. I suggest you locate a few locals with the same problem – they are newly rich and too old to spend it. Together you can be a Board of Advisors to each independent Banker.

Perhaps you can train together on the forms and process. Perhaps you can learn to study the business plans and discuss and adjust them. Perhaps you can use the same lawyer and CPA as needed for consultants. You might want to place one of you on the business boards that you finance. So now you can advance credit as needed as the business grows and succeeds.

And perhaps, you can advise each other when it’s time to cut off the credit to a business. Heck, you might even participate in order to make a larger financial investment together for the good of the community.

Your ultimate goal is to cut out the attorney and CPA as you learn from them to gain your own confidence.

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