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Jim’s Daily Rant. New “Family” Banker. Part II - The Goal.

When I took Family Law I learned of a wealthy young father who set up a trust for his young son. The father passed away unexpectedly a few years later. The trust terms were set to give Jr. cash at 18 years old, enough for him to get a car and an education. Thereafter, he received one dollar for every dollar earned. At the age of 35 Jr. got it all. I don’t know what he looked like but I’ll bet he was a helluva worker.

The Goal Of Current Bankers Is To:

Take in deposits from others;

Lend that money out 100 times over (leverage)

Keep the interest earned as profits.

When the banks collapse, you may choose do as they did,

or you could choose to do better by not really being a banker.

If you do better you won’t have depositors bothering you;

You won’t need the profits or high interest income;

If you make just commercial loans limited to a very few a year.

If you give away cash then give it away. If they want Botox and boobs give it.

But if you take them as banking customers you will have to add a drive-in window on your side of the bed because every time they go bar hopping they will need money.

But if your goal is to help both your family and your community (leveraging) then make only commercial loans, based on an approved business plan, with collateral and family guarantees. This now sets them up to work for those boobs and overall improving the local economy. Again, this is leveraging the community profits as it circulates cash flowing forever!

The Goal of New “Family” Bankers Might Be To:

Be left alone for the most part. Make only plan approved, mostly secured, business loans.

Teach them to earn their own way.

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