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Jim’s Daily Rant. My Final Final Word On Hyperinflation Threshold Rate.

In my Rant, Final Thoughts On Hyperinflation Rate Threshold, I suggested we should monitor the inflation rate ourselves by making a basket of products and checking it monthly. When that rate gets to 10% monthly execute our own Hyperinflation plan.

Since I wrote that I dead an article reflecting the hyperinflation rate by category during the 1920s hyperinflation collapse of the Weimer Republic.

That article indicated to me that we should focus on the catagories that meant the most to those shoppers – food and energy! Forget about steel, tee shirts and automobiles. Food and energy is what will spook the masses first. And again, hyperinflation is a psychological recation, not financial.

P.S. Cigarettes jumped 9.29% this month.

See Also: Dear Jim: Your Inflation Rate Is Incorrect.

Jim’s Daily Rant. Personal Financial Action Plan During Banking System Collapse.

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