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Jim’s Daily Rant. My Fani’s Shit Storm.

Mine was horrible. I think this was my third time in having the flu. The first at 22, the second at 34 while going through divorce. I had forgotten how rough it was.


Fani Willis is getting in deeper in her own shit storm. I saw this fun podcast: DA Fani Willis Hearing - “Witness Tampering” of Terrance Bradley. An attorney in the DA’s office signed an Affidavit that Bradley was in her office when, on his speaker phone, she heard Willis say “they are coming after all of us. Don’t cooperate with others.” As an attorney, Willis was not the attorney to Bradley, so this certainly looks like Witness Tampering.

Over the past three days I saw a headline that Letetia James, the NY DA, is traveling lavishly these days too. The headline hinted at unknown money being thrown at her. But today I cannot locate that article.

If both of these entrenched Democratic DAs fit a pattern, could it be they are attracting a lot of outside help and dark money “to get Trump”? We already know that DA Willis has a plant on her team and in her office. I feel he is backed by lots of black money. James burned Trump for $350 Million, don’t you think she was awarded with black money as well before that pot is split? Don’t forget that pot was the result on a magic act in that James pulled a rabbit outta her ass with trumped up law.

So here’s what I am suggesting. There is so much free and dark money that they can Rent-A-Court House for their own sham trials. This is how far our legal system has devolved to.

My predictions on the key players:  

Fani Willis and Nathan Wade will leave Georgia, loose their licenses and change their names. They will never again say they were attorneys at one time. They will both eventually commit suicide, fast or slow. I see the same for Letetia James. When one climbs to the top in creating the finest version of themselves, the fall is almost always a killer to see themselves as a traitor to both themselves and their country.

I don’t know about Terrance Bradley. I hope he fares well.

The jury is still out on the judge in the Willis Hearing and Trump Trial. He has to suspect that he is now a Rent-A-Judge if he gives into the pressure. He is still trying to create his own future.


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