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Jim’s Daily Rant. My Big Mouth.

Someday I am going to learn to keep my big mouth shut, or so I thought when I got up this morning. I guess I just can’t help myself. It’s all Jeff’s fault when he posted his thoughts.

I went to bed last night in a numb mood. The thought that Trump and the White Hats were losing never crossed my mind. I was trying to figure out how I was wrong in my expectations and why the announcement was made because if the Dems’ money was gone then there was no need for Trump to fear his arrest; he just had be be unavailable. So what happened?

I am still not sure. But there is still the problem of the requirement for the economy to collapse on someone else’s watch. Trump is a fixer and not a destroyer. He knows you never throw a lifeline to someone until they are ready to catch it. Otherwise they will resent you.

Yesterday BO Polny predicted the Dollar will collapse Thursday the 24th, next week.

Today Bix Weir discusses that the massive derivative market will take a week or so to react and default after the FTX collapse.

Yesterday Biden was looking for another $37 Billion for Ukraine after Zelenski is said to be considering a truce. But if the $37 B is shipped, through what conduit will it flow as FTX is gone. We have to consider that all those taking money from the Deep State are members of FTX as account holders, so my mistake was to assume they needed to be told by trump that the Deep States’ funds were gone. But hell, those million customers of FTX already know that ALL the money is gone!

Jeff points out the SCOTUS has been asked again to rule on the 2020 election, especially in light of the 2022 election fraud. This is an excellent point.

Was yesterday’s Trump announcement just to harass the Deep State knowing that they are being attacked from all directions as they stand there broke and unable to defend themselves? They may have no more bullets left to control others.

Look at the two missiles shot into Poland yesterday. Was that the Deep State’s last feeble shot, to blow up a farm wagon to start WWIII?

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