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Jim’s Daily Rant. More on Watch The Silver.

Yesterday Clif High said that he found out Tuesday night that China just released a huge amount of credit to the wealthy there. He suspects that caused the increase in silver prices we are now seeing as the wealthy there are purchasing gold and silver.

I don’t know if this headline is part of that. China’s Credit Growth Rebounds Faster Than Expected in March

What I have seen the past two days is not only is Spot pricing going up but so too is the broker's fee.

A few years ago the fee for silver was $3 per ounce, or 15% of Spot price. I am now seeing that fee as high as $24 per ounce, or 92% of Spot Price.

Silver Spot is currently $26.00. It appears to be breaking free of the Banksters.

The Broker's fee is the real market (street) price. It is beginning to overrule the illegal Spot price.

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