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Jim’s Daily Rant. Michael Rivero and The BLM??

In today’s post, All Wars Are Banker’s Wars, about 2/3rds of the way into it, Reviro said something most interesting to me. He said, somewhere between 1980s and 1990, the Dollar was falling and foreign countries stopped buying them. To reverse their hesitancy, U. S. lands were pledged to them as collateral. According to Rivero, the lands are 25% of the U. S. land mass.

Ever since the Bundy’s were arrested I have been confused about The Bureau Of Land Management (BLM). The Constitution forbids the Federal Government from owning land unless a military base is on it. So how did a Government agency like BLM get involved with public grazing state land?

Now I see. The BLM is not a government agency but is probably a holding corporation holding title for foreign countries. If this is true then our government did not have the balls to tell the people the truth.

P. S. This is why citizens are being restricted from some federal parks.

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