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Jim’s Daily Rant. Miami Space Alien Drove the Getaway Car

After watching Bill Still’s podcast WHY J6? THE SECRET PLAN SURFACES !!!, it all suddenly makes sense to me.

Still shows the reason for the fake January 6th Insurrection perpetrated by the CIA/FBI/Cop spooks was to stop and close the Congressional proceedings on that day.

That was the last day the Congress could over-rule the acceptance of the 2020 presidential vote. The well planned inside job insurrection was the alibi to stop debate forever, in the Democrats minds. The embezzlement of the presidency was over and now viewed as legal. The Democrats won.


But in its wake of that fraud we still have innocent protesters jailed without charges, legal defense and trials.

We have one girl murdered by one in authority, outside of self defense.

We have a city of attorneys, investigators, experts, camera footage and auditors with work product proving the votes were illegal.

But the DOJ and corrupted legal system won’t allow entry of this matter in any court.

All We The People get is a curt “Up Yours.”


But today is different. This time is different!

The Democrats are correct in believing the American people will never read through the million pages of legal evidence of a stolen election. So they stop all juries from having to do this and render their opinion to the people.

But today the American people don’t need the jury decision any more. All we need is common sense.

The Jan 6th Insurrection was the Democrat’s getaway. They left the scene while a fraudulent President was inaugurated. Now three year s later a Miami Invasion by fake space aliens was a second getaway by the Democrats. Just a few days as this story is leaked to the masses we see 10 foot tall, 6 legged spacemen driving a huge bus with “Democrats” bannered on its side!

Folks, it is now time for the military to step in and end all of this organized fraud!


I once saw an obscure movie about the Anglo - Zulu battle at Rourke Drift in 1878.

There was scene in which in the heat of the battle, the the overwhelming attacking Zulus were about to exterminate the remaining defenders. Those defenders were running out of ammunition.

All supply runners sent to the back never returned. One officer rode to the rear to investigate and discovered an old salty supply Sargent placing all the runners in a long line to correctly fill out paperwork for the cartridges so his inventory balanced. As I recall it, the Lieutenant used his persuasive pistol at the Sargent's head and said “choose.”


In my humble opinion, the U. S. Military is somewhere between 99% and 110% legal to step in now. If this does not cause them to initiate within a week, it is time for the citizens to do what both sides hope we don’t do. We need an uprising with a monstrous outcry of “Up Yours, we have families.”

This uprising needs to be in the streets but first I suggest we all kick them in the family jewels. Let’s hurry on the collapse, first and more safely, by not making all payments to the banks. Just set aside the money.

We have several months to change our minds and pay a few bucks in late fees. But this does not endanger our health in the streets. All this can do is hurt our credit ratings and god knows we will all have bad credit when the banks collapse.

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