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Jim’s Daily Rant. Mardi Gras Parade Rally Flags.

I once saw a documentary about how the police managed the several hundred thousand party-goers that attend the New Orleans Mardi Gras parades. It’s amazing to see them walk a line of horses pushing the drunks off the streets so gently and calmly.

But what I remembered the most was interviews with some in the crowd with such elaborate plans to not get separated. One group nine strong were all wrist handcuffed together. Their rally flag was a tall pole with the biggest bra in the world hanging from it!

You know me, always seeing systems. I was aghast. With ten thousand people mobbing you, all looking up at that beauty, you know gentlemen will be jumping for it. They would never see the danger and suffering that gang was in with their wrists being torn apart. Up until today it was the dumbest rally flag ever.

Then today I saw this article:


Just what kind of rally message is Kemp sending to the good people of Georgia. With that state leading the charge towards the laughing stock of the world, what is he saying? Is Georgia still trying to get revenge for Sherman’s 1864 March to the Sea, attacking the country by getting Trump?

Or is he saying he himself must control all District Attorneys in his state? If he controls them is it to destroy law and the Republic, or is he saying he is trying to save the legal system and the Constitution as we know it?

I am just confused by such a rally symbol. I would attend a Mardi Gras if Kemp went, even though I hate crowds. I would love to see how Kemp ties a smoke screen to a tall pole.

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