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Jim’s Daily Rant. Lower Odds Of Having To Bug Out.

You all know I am a member of a large MAGS – Mutual Assistance Group Survival in rural Florida.

We have been fully prepared for at least five years.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that our odds of activation just went down even more. Today I am of the opinion that there is only a 33% probability of no more than one family heading to the retreat for safety.

Here is my Adjusted Reasoning:

1. I am convinced that the Deep State is losing in this war and rapidly running out of ammunition.

2. I have steadfastly held that a NESARA / GESARA (or similar programs) will come to fruition within a few months of the banking collapse.

3. It does now appear that Black Lives Matters movement is dead on arrival.

4. It does now appear that ANTIFA will, for the most part, turn on the Deep State due to their VAXes.

5. An excellent analysis was posted yesterday that greatly impacted my thinking.

Mr. Ed nailed it! His position is NESARA and GESARA are real, but NESARA in the U. S. will pay out reparations to U. S. citizens only. Therefore, in order to get reparations, GESARA requires payments to citizens in their respective countries. Accordingly, immigrants illegally in the U. S. will be racing home immediately.

I agree and disagree with Mr. Ed. I suspect many young fighters are now in the U.S. under a type of military control. They won’t have the opportunity and knowledge to just leave on their own. Other immigrants mat nee a few months to get the drift to drift quickly. But eventually their impact will decrease to negligible as threats to families. Therefore, it won’t be an overnight dash out of country.

Conclusion: I still believe there will be chaos and danger for a few months. But not enough to run families out of their home and resemblance of normal life.

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