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Jim’s Daily Rant. Let’s Discuss “This Is Not A Warning”.

Yesterday’s podcast This Is Not A Warning seems to go against the grain of most of the other news podcasts out this week, doesn’t it? Therefore, it might be wrong, right?

Most of the other podcasts are scaring the hell out of us. They are inferring that our world is being taken over by the Elite; they are going to do this and that to us, so watch out. Several others are telling us that the White Hats are winning and the centuries old Elites are going down forever. Some are saying that what we are seeing is a staged play to wake up the slow learners to help to defeat the Elites. So what’s a mother to think about her baby’s future?

Again I suggest that we do this by the numbers. Scientists tell us of the Hundred Monkey Effect, or reaching Critical Mass in changing society. The link above states:

From a communications perspective, we can interpret this theory as being about how, as a leader and as an organization, you take people with you, your messages and actions are heard, understood, and reciprocated. A key part of achieving a critical mass is that you must have a powerful vision and narrative – and that you must focus on both what you say, and how you say it, in order to persuade, to influence and to convince.

Many Sociologists tell us that between 5% and 10% of the population can turn a population’s beliefs. Our American Revolution was won with between an original 5% and 40% popular support, depending on who you ask. No one knows for sure.

Some twenty years ago I began seeing visions of what we are experiencing today and what comes after. I saw a future of evolved humanity where there were no longer wars and famine, because there was no longer a need for all of that. I saw a calm, deliberate joint creation of humans in cooperation in some manner; a world of no shortages. I saw a world of hidden technologies released to humans allowing them to live in peace.

But the amazing vision was of humanity just leaving behind the chains of our thinking, such as we could now work for only 20 hours per week instead of 40 to 60 hours as we now are compelled to do.

I saw new forms of electricity, free power, that suddenly make power poles, fleets of white bucket trucks and power meters obsolete. I saw hospitals mostly a thing of the past. I was amazed at the suddenness of our abandonment of our cherished current technologies and was wondering how could we survive such a sudden impact of such abandonment? But yet I saw where we did indeed just walk away to a new level of evolution easily and rapidly. I still see that future at hand now.

Therefore, I conclude that most of the Podcasts are educating and preparing us for our new level of living in peace and plenty. A great many of those podcasts are intentionally putting the fear of remaining behind and not evolving as the Elites try to keep their control. This is indeed a war for our minds – do we believe in our own power or not. We are creating right now.

Hold the vision you want Folks. Don't discount This Is Not A Warning.

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