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Jim’s Daily Rant. Karen Kingston Interview Yesterday.

I was stunned in her Interview by Gerg Hunter in which she evidences that the VAXX is indeed an extinction event against humans.

For those of you not brave enough to watch it let me recap it here.

* Yes, it is true that mRNA is being placed in meat and other foods. This can be proven by holding a nickle or quarter against a thawed meat in a package and the coin will stick. Do this yourself then use a plastic bottle cap. Note that you must locate the spot where the mRNA has assembled itself.

* She does not mention cutting out the assembled area.

* She shows the laws under the Biden administration allowing this to be done.

* She shows evidence that our DOD has been involved in this fully, making them part of the problem.

* She says “If you are young and healthy your body can fight it off. Vitamin C and Nattokanise [both OTC] helps to fight it off.”

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