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Jim’s Daily Rant. Is the CABAL Having The MSNM Lateral The Propaganda Job To AI?

After reviewing yesterday’s podcast, Google parent loses $70B in market value after ‘woke’ AI chatbot disaster, I began to wonder after reading this:

The massive hit came after Google was forced to pause its Gemini chatbot’s image creation tool – which was churning out factually and historically inaccurate images such as Black Vikings, female NHL players, “diverse” versions of America’s Founding Fathers and even an Asian woman dressed in a Nazi-era German soldier’s uniform.

I was two classes away from my Master’s degree in Computer Science. I was required to take to archaic languages I knew I would never use and refused to waste my time. As I didn’t care about the degree but rather the knowledge, I switched to law.

So please excuse me if those two missing languages cause me to say the wrong thing here. What I did learn was about Bits, Bytes and computer hardware advancing most rapidly. It used to double its processing speed every three years. Along with the bits and bites (storage units) I learned of GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out) and that a programmer can bite himself in the ass if he relies on bad or false data. So if you take a poorly run manual accounting system and fail to clean it up before computerizing it, you will get a poorly run system running poorly faster.

I also learned that machines can’t think like humans, they can just manipulate input data the way they were programmed to; they have to do as instructed by the programmer.

Question:   Is it possible that the CABAL is moving their propaganda machine from the dying Main Street News Media to the new and improved AI software hoax?

When you ponder this I hope you realize that their “Truth Fact Checkers” system is pretty much Dead On Arrival. Are they marching out a machine wearing a black robe and a red pointy hat like the Vatican did so you couldn’t argue with god? Is this the CABAL’s last act of desperation to continue the con?

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