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Jim’s Daily Rant. Inexpensive Clue Needed. [With a PS]

I listened to SGAnon twice yesterday and for the life of me do not fully understand what he said about Israel being incorporated.

For what purpose was this done? Was it to replace its Constitution?

Who did it? Did they have the authority to do so? Is it legally binding or a sneak event similar to the 1871 trickaroo in the U. S.?

SGAnon feels this is a great thing for the White Hats. If so how so? Will this be any difference than several countries pointing guns at Israel forcing the citizens there to turn on their government and overthrow it?

All I can see is that it is quicker and easier to bankrupt a corporation than a country. This would make destroying and conquering Israel not necessary. Just surround them and do it legally.

Do I really need to understand all of this? No I don’t but it would be nice.

If you can clue us in then please do, Thanks.

P. S. Was the switch to a corporation done by the KM so they now control their lifeboat Israel completely or was this a False Flag operation by the White Hats to coax the Israeli citizens to overthrow their government?

If Michael Snyder is correct in that Israel may have to use nuclear weapons on its neighbors, but instead the citizens start a civil war, then Israeli nukes are off the board.

Is it time for Israel to grow a set, rise up and expel the KM from their country?

Is the KM in Israel in checkmate, having nowhere else to go?

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