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Jim’s Daily Rant. Hyperinflation Survival Guide.

In August I wrote several proposals for local Private schools to survive hyperinflation. After I gave them the ideas I got curious to see if there were any books out there to help business owners. I was curious because Accounting, Finance and Business majors are not taught hyperinflation, I guess it’s because it only happens in Third World Countries.

Then I searched for seminars but found none. However I found one book that looked interesting. The Hyperinflation Guide was written in 1989 by a CFO in the U.S. that had factories in South America that were in the midst of hyperinflation. It was co-authored by a University Economics professor. It weighs in at 89 pages so I set out to recap it (my habit to simplify things). Imagine my surprise when I discovered it already was recapped.

I took their recap and turned it into a Hyperinflation Survival Plan that can easily be completed for a particular business. That Plan Template, all of my Proposals and a PDF of the book are freely available for download from this website. See Link: Hyperinflation Survival

If you know someone who owns a business or works for one that they want to continue working for, then share this with them.

Note: Two months of hyperinflation can kill a company. You must have a plan ready to go before it’s too late.

Happy Hunting!

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