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Jim’s Daily Rant. How To Make Your Mortgage Payment With A Silver Dollar.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Before proceeding, read:


Now lets approach the How To Do It phase. Let’s do it in steps of assumptions so if you are new to following my Rants you can determine where you need to explore deeper.

I) The Timing.

a) To do this, you must immediately purchase 5 to 10 U.S. Silver Eagle Dollars at about $35 each.

b) Decide when you are ready to begin skipping mortgage payments.

c) Keep in mind that the old Rhythm Method works well as long as you don’t miss a beat.

II) Silver Investment.

Realize that silver investment is the best investment on the earth right now and Silver Eagles is the safest method of investing in it. They are protected from counterfeiting by the US Secret Service. That is why the Big Banks are paying multi-million dollar fines constantly for fraudulently keeping the price frozen low so people won’t realize their value and do what the Big Banks are themselves are doing.

III) The Hyperinflation Period.

The Western governments (Central Bankers) are telling us they will protect the US Dollar a little longer by allowing inflation (hyperinflation) to happen.

This is always the pattern when worthless paper money begins to collapse; the governments print tons more of it causing inflation.

Hyperinflation occurs when savvy persons realize what is happening to their money and begin spending it on items now that they know they will need in the future, such as food, household goods, etc. This creates shortages in the stores raising inflation rates higher. When the masses see what the savvy are doing to protect their money value this creates a social phenomenon of hyperinflation as they all panic buy while they can and their money becomes more worthless.

“The classic definition of hyperinflation, as described by economist Phillip Cagan, is a 50% average monthly price raise, translating into an annual inflation rate of 12,875% compounded annually.“ i

IV) Mortgage Foreclosure Process.

As a general rule, one can miss 3 or 4 monthly mortgage payments on their home before the lender can sue for foreclosure. That will cause a written notice to the owner to pay up before court proceedings occur.

There are other delays and delaying actions the owner can take, but for our purposes here, we are only concerned about that foreclosure notice. This is because you will have the payments and late fees in hand and can simply pay the arrearage amount immediately, returning you back to the original mortgage agreement.

V) Projected Inflation Rocket.

In the opening definition of hyperinflation, a rate of 50% per month was used. However, that author continues with “While Bolivia met that definition in 1985, Argentina’s and Brazil’s inflation peaked at 20 to 25 percent monthly, or 800 to 1,400 percent annualized. Still, this was sufficient to wreak havoc on all three economies.” ibid

I was hoping to take a stab at spread sheeting possible monthly rates but it serves no purpose here. Suffice it to say that the plan is to destroy the world’s fiat currencies as quickly as possible and many analysts are saying that may happen in six months beginning in November or December.

But that still leaves us with a definition of hyperinflation that may not occur this time. Most of the Western world realizes that bankers and Elite are out of control and are not concerned about the common person. There is distrust and fear of the system now. Remember that hyperinflation is a social panic and this time it can begin immediately instead of slowly. We all feel it in the air.

So it is more probable that it will immediately be above 25% per month to begin with and skyrocket from there to the historical high of 100% daily in Germany in 1922.

The last report from September, 2022 by the government was around 8% monthly but independent economists place it at 14% monthly. We need to realize the rocket ride happens when it begins to rise and compound weekly and then daily.

VI) Projected Silver Rocket.

The Inflation/hyperinflation rate now brings us to the silver price rocket ride. That is good because it will be the exact inverse on the impact on paper money in relationship to silver. As the inflation rate debases paper currency (the Dollar), Silver will sky rocket in the opposite direction, but starting at an accelerated rate.

That is because the silver prices are fraudulently held down by the Banksters. In hyper inflated times they will no longer have that control so silver will immediately, perhaps within a month, raise from $35 per ounce to around $600 per ounce. It will then run with inflation up to around $1,000 to $2,000 per ounce/coin.

Therefore, in order to be safe, purchase 2 coins per $1,000 of monthly mortgage you hold. You do the math here.

VII) What To Do When You Do It.

a) Immediately invest all of the next mortgage payment in Silver Eagles. Hopefully this will give you more than the minimum quantity. This keeps the pressure off of you having to watch both the inflation rate and the Silver Rocket Ride. Now you can relax.

b) Don’t lose the beat Baby! Calculate when to expect the Foreclosure Notice. Don’t gamble on it. Call the mortgage service (from a saved eat-em-up letter from them) and make arrangements to pay all of the arrearage prior to the notice. There may be chaos in systems that may cause that notice to be lost. Don’t take the gamble.

c) You can take your coins back to where you purchased them and sell them back for a lot of Zimbabwe dollars (at an inflated price by now).

But here’s the fun part. Most likely, your contract still expects the number of dollars specified in the Mortgage for each month. So you will be paying the arrearage with debased dollars and you get to keep the change!

d) After you have made the arrearage payment, skip the next 3 or 4 payments again.

e) But hopefully by this time, the big banks and bond markets are all dead and there is no one left to require payments from you. This will be the Jubilee announcements we are all expecting.



i = The Hyperinflation Survival Guide, Strategies In American Business. By Gerald Swanson, PhD. Page iii.

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