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Jim’s Daily Rant. How Might The Derivative Market Be Unwound In A Collapse?

This is a big question I have never seen discussed before. All that is ever said is the derivative problem is massive that must be dealt with. To discuss it we must realize there are two parties trying their best to collapse the financial system today, forcing the issue: The Elite and the White Hats.

Let’s discuss the Elite winning the race. Their major priority is to tighten the bank’s control over us.This is how I see that occurring.

Paper Losses. An accounting will be done on the Big Banks to determine the amounts of derivative contracts between the banks that are now due from the collapse. The banks owed the most will absorb the paying banks that cannot pay their debt to them, if contract conditions require payment. This will thin the number of Big Banks.

Merger Conditions:   Merger conditions will occur that allows the derivatives payable to non-banks to all be reduced to perhaps a 30% payout when and if due. This will cover both the insolvent banks as well as the surviving Big Banks.

All loans payable to the insolvent bank will pass fully payable to the surviving Big Bank.

A bank bail out might be paid with funny money to pay off the 30% now due on derivatives at merger date. Thus the derivative bubble will have been paid by the citizens while strengthening the Big Banks.

All customer deposits held by the insolvent banks will be reduced to 30% at time of merger.

All customer deposits held by the surviving banks will be reduced to ??% at time of merger.

Question:  How is a hooker different from bankers and lawyers? Answer:    The hooker stops screwing you after you are dead.

Now let’s discuss the White Hats winning the race.  Their main concern is to destroy the Big Banks and help the economy recover.

The people will no longer owe money to the banks. This will bankrupt them immediately.

Thus their Derivative contracts will be terminated somehow through bankruptcy or breach.

This just leaves intact the derivative contracts sold by insurance companies and private parties.

Under NESARA, large amounts of money will be paid to citizens as reparations so the loss of their bank balances might be offset for most people.

Note:   All the above is my suggestion as to what might happen. Your thoughts?

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1 Comment

John Duggan
John Duggan
Feb 06

Didn't Cliff High say that Nesara will make money worthless because money is based on scarcity and Nesara provides huge amounts of it to everyone? As for banks, who knows? The ones we have now are just the products of the Fed ponzi schemes. Thank you Woodrow Wilson who sold the US down the economic river.

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