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Jim’s Daily Rant. High School Reunion and The 4th Dimension.

Last night I attended my 56th High School informal annual Get Together. I graduated from a Catholic High School in a class of 120. This was not a formal class reunion, just old friends drinking over the holidays. Normally there are about 20 bodies there. This year there were only ten to my surprise.

Two were out from surgery and several were traveling, so I was told. The good news is this time none of us showed our asses or streaked (too cold). It is always wonderful to be with life friends and family.

On the drive home something struck me. Now mind you, I can only see from my side of my eyes, but everyone there, including spouses, looked just as they looked in High School, minus the pounds. I am always searching for anomalies and that was one. Ten miles more and I realized that we were all non-smokers for life! Now what are the odds? Another ten miles and I realized the missing ten were all non-smokers as well.

There were no walking canes or wheelchairs; No wrinkles or coughing. Everyone was still very active. Let me do the math for ya, we are all 75 years old.


I am not suggesting that we were all goodie two-shoes in life because we weren't. I am sure we all raised hell but with both hands. I think part of it may have been the result of Dr. Balthrop. He was father to several students in the school. In my Freshman year, he closed his office and made a fifteen minute visit to all the class rooms that day. This was before the warning labels were placed on cigarettes.

He told us he had “disowned” his oldest son for smoking. He then lectured us on the impacts of smoking on the body and I think he threatened to kick our ass if he caught us. I know it certainly had an impact on me.


I have no doubt that we are about to evolve to the 4th dimension as a species. I have known this for the past 25 years, without a doubt.

It is also my belief that this will drastically change our minds as well as our bodies. Our bodies will be reversed from the poisons currently in us. We will look and feel younger. This should add about 40 years or so to our lives.

Consider this a heads up.

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1 Comment

John Duggan
John Duggan
Dec 29, 2023

I really love your posts!

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