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Jim’s Daily Rant. Greg Hunter On Trump’s Home Records In Mara largo.

In this morning’s Weekly Wrap-Up, Greg Hunter reminded me of something I had forgotten regarding yesterday’s Trump indictment. This new indictment, for having records in his Florida residence, will be tried in Miami, which turned Republican in the 2020 election.

Hunter goes on to say that there are plans to also possibly file similar charges in a DC court. Hunter suggests this might also be done if Miami does not rule to indict Trump. Of course, 90% of DC is Democratic party members.

But this is what I had forgotten. There is speculation that the records, that may or may not have been declassified by Trump, pertain to the coup committed by the Deep State that has put us in the position our country is now in. So if Trump prevails in Miami, he can release all those documents to the public! My guess is Trump can release those records now but wants the publicity of a big trial first to spark interest; the show must go on.

P.S. Later in his podcast today, Hunter says that yesterday's FBI released document to Congress was a statement by the gentleman that paid Burisma's bribe to the Bidens. Hunter suggests that document alone is grounds to indict Joe Biden.

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Jun 09, 2023

Dear Jim. Just wanted to let you know how important your rants are...I forward them to my explain the situation better than I can. She remains a bit skeptical sometimes..

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