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Jim’s Daily Rant. Got My Gopher.

Please allow me this indulgence down memory lane.

My first real married job was as a bill collector for the city utilities division. The supervisor for the gas/ water & sewer service billing department was Bill Liberos, a fun loving Greek. He was my business mentor and taught me all about dealing with people. He was a stand-out card, a people people.

Twice a week we would slip out around 9 O’clock and go get a breakfast and talk shop. On one of those excursions, as we were going through the parking lot, we ran into the City Manager coming in. He was returning from the Gopher’s meeting, the local business men’s club. He asked Bill where we were going.

Bill said “You’re just returning from a meeting, we’re going to ours. Got your gopher, Costa?” Another word was not uttered by anyone as we kept on walking.

After four years I gave a two week notice after taking a cut in pay to work for a bank as a Commercial Loan Officer; I wanted to learn more about my passion, business. Bill prompted me to make the move after I mentioned it to him. We both realized I would die locked into one job forever just for the pension. I saw what it did to long-time workers there and I wanted my life filled with adventure, not stagnation.

Bill taught me to always size up the people and the situation, then decide to lead, follow, humor, stand firm, etc., but do it instantly. But no matter what, always be in deliberate control of yourself.


This week I saw Biden take control during his most effective trip to the Middle East. I was impressed. The News Media went overboard discussing that he had the Nuclear Football with him. This was the first time he was ever seen with the black briefcase. I am sure that soothed the American peoples’ nerves. I wonder if the briefcase was a Minnie Pearl style, with the new price-tag still hanging on it?

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