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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Finish Prepping This Weekend.

* It appears that all savvy investors see that Central Banks can’t stop the collapsing banks and government bond markets.

Yesterday even the U.S. Central Bank (Fed Reserve) got trapped into bailing out Credit Suisse for $6.2 Billion. That was for one day. This will continue with Credit Suisse and other major US and European banks and government bonds. Investors see that this can’t continue long. They are rushing to get out – investor bank runs so to say.

* Bo Polney said that he called for the collapse for Sept.24th and he missed it. He is saying it will be Monday, October 24th. He says it will begin Friday the 21st.

* Everything I am seeing indicates it can’t last more than a week.

Therefore, get your last preps done this weekend. Don’t forget cigs for that person that will be impossible to live with when theirs are all gone. Stock up on Ibuprofen for anyone that might have withdrawals of any kind.

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