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Jim’s Daily Rant. Evolution Of The Bicycle.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

I once read a chapter in a book about brainstorming, titled as above.

The author started with the first bicycle was a frame with two wheels. It was designed to sit and walk at the same time. It was great for long distances as it took the load weight off the feet.

Later someone else increased the size of the front wheel and added a pedal. It may have been awkward to mount and dismount but was indeed an improvement.

After that a tinkerer shrunk the front wheel to its original size and added a sprocket with pedals to drive the rear wheel! Wow, talk about speed! After almost 100 years a transmission was added making it 10 speed.

But during that 100 years fenders were added to keep us dry in puddles, as well as a basket, bell and head lamp.

I am sure that other gadgets were also added that didn’t last, like an ashtray, beer huggie, buggy whip for dogs, etc.


Neal Donald Walsch, in his book, Conversations With God, points out that we, for some reason, are eager to declare everything as either good or bad. He says most things are neither one in itself. What matters is what we do with them.

Consider a gun, is it good or bad? Yet this is continually thrown in our face.

Well, the same can be said about ideas, such as bicycle parts. I guess where I am heading is a ruling in a precedent changing court case I read. The judge quoted James Madison for saying “There is no such thing as a bad idea. There are just ideas with some better than others.”

Nature’s way of dealing with varying ideas is diversity. She allows millions of variations to later discover which ones are better than others.


So what I am trying to say here is that it is up to many of us to recreate life for our extended families as we crawl out of the train wreck. We must quickly strip all parts of other systems that we feel were good or appear better to us at this time. Sure a truck is better, but for this week a wheelbarrow will be a great help.

We have to create stripping or altering what we hated and add what is possible and might be better. Then over time we can correct and improve by seeing what others have created. Creation will always be an evolution process; there is never a perfect first model.

This is how we are going to locally recreate our lives. Sears and Roebuck is not going to help us order something this time. We are on our own and must be ready to act quickly.

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