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Jim’s Daily Rant. Epitome Of Stupidity.

When I was 16 I read a book about the experiences of Londoners surviving the WWII bombings of their city.

The thing I recalled over all these years was two teenage sisters (18 &16) trapped on the third floor of a burning tenement building the firemen could not enter to rescue them.

One resourceful rescuer took an extension ladder into the close neighboring building’s third floor. He slid the ladder to the girl’s window to bridge them.

The oldest girl tried crawling across first but kept herself back because she was kneeling on her nightgown. She tucked her gown into her panty and scurried across.

Her sister refused to cross even though near death. Her concern was that people would see her underwear. After strong words from Sis she made the trip.


When we begin to crawl out we must be prepared to show our own ass, defy others afraid to move forward, and execute our pre-planned plan, as if our own family’s lives depend on it.


P.S. For those unsure of advanced intelligent life out there listen to this short audio evidence.

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