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Jim’s Daily Rant - Dr. Phil On Europe’s Energy Problem.

Dr. Phil tells us that we each have ten defining moments in our lives that make us who we are today.

If he is correct then my first defining moment was a cartoon I saw in a kids publication. The first picture was a child looking into a store window advertising a surprise gift package for just a Dollar. He ran home a smashed his glass Piggy Bank with a hammer.

You got it. The last picture is his unwrapped package containing a new Piggy Bank! That always taught me to consider matching the risk with the gain, of course in kiddy thoughts.

We are witnessing Europe nationalizing by ”not really nationalizing, wink . . wink” their energy industries as well as all the big gambler investors and Central Big Banks that wildly created Trillions of Dollars worth of derivatives on those bets. They are saying this is to protect the consumers who can’t afford the energy costs.

But when those consumers get home and discover their new tax bills to pay for those extravagant bail out costs. They will get that kiddy realization they were tricked into breaking their Piggy Bank for nothing! But these kids will have families and businesses ruined.

Watch out governments, these kids are going to be pissed in the Spring.

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