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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Corporate Walls – Come To Jesus Time. [Amended]

Perhaps all corporate headquarters should have a flashing sign on their Board Room walls flashing “It’s Come To Jesus Time!”

But I don’t think it will do them any good though.

We have dumbed ourselves down so much with this WOKE crap that we are unable to talk openly.

What should be discussed is:

“What if the Dollar and EUROs collapse? Do we have a plan to execute immediately if they begin to? Who has the authority to act?”

I can’t see that happening so many will be damned to hell by hesitation.


Keep in mind Timing and the Right Religion before your baptism.

You might wait until the week after your 21st birthday bash to be baptized.

Consider what church you are to be baptized in if you want forever saving. If you choose the wrong one, such as a Central Bank Crypto, you may still be damned to hell.

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