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Jim’s Daily Rant. Compare and Contrast Simon Parkes (6 Possibilities) with SGAnon's Post Today.

“Thar She Blows!” We all would give anything to have a lookout high up at this moment hollering what lies ahead. So this is the best you can possible do to be up in that crow’s nest yourself.

Today SGAnon tells us all high Federal and State government officials have been forewarned that the military is stepping in and that Trump has been moved abroad temporally for safekeeping. He ends by saying this is all good things.

Two days ago Simon Parkes in his podcast, November 8th Midterms Intel Update…, says he was told what will happen but cannot disclose it. However, he was given permission to give six possibilities with the actual event being one of the possibilities.

If we give 100% truth to both podcasts, we get that Trump may be in danger in the short run and the U.S. Military is stepping in to run the show.

THEREFORE, three of Parkes Options can be thrown out, that being:

#1 @4 Minute Mark: The Republicans win both Houses; Biden Resigns rather than being impeached; Pelosi becomes President and is Impeached in January and there is NO Military Control Intervention.

#2 @ 5 MM: The corruption by the Democrats is extremely deep; the Red Wave overcomes but by narrow margins and there is NO Military Control Intervention.

#6 @ 11 MM: Republicans win the House and the Democrats win the Senate. There is no point in trying to impeach Biden and there is NO Military Control Intervention.

THIS LEAVES, for your picking pleasure:

#3 @ 7MM: Biden cancels the election with a new one scheduled in 3 to 6 months.

The Military may or may not get involved, depending on if they see it as a national emergency.

#4 @ 7.5 MM: White Hats stop the election; Martial Law is declared by the Military, Military steps in outside of the SCOTUS.

#5 @ 9 MM: The corruption is so bad; Democrats win; Trump to be arrested; leaving this as a “near death experience" for the country; Military steps in; brings back Trump as Commander-In-Chief; Who announces NESARA and GESERA; Trump runs an interim government; Brings in NESARA and GESARA; with elections in 120 days for a new government.

U Pick!

See Also: There May Not Be a 2024 Election – Martin Armstrong [Election discussed at 15 Minute Mark, again at 30 MM]

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