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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Clif High’s February Date Predictions. [With PS.]

The 8th. Three events occurred, that being:

1) The Supreme Court held an emergency hearing hearing on the removal of Trump’s name from the ballots in several states.

2) The Special Counsel investigating Biden for having classified documents in his garage announced his findings. He said crimes were committed but Biden is too feeble minded to be charged.

3) Tucker Carlson released his interview of Putin to the public. It is being hailed as the most watched interview ever by him.

The 18th.  The world will realize the global Central Bank system is bankrupt, in collapse and failed.

The 27th. No reason given.

P.S. This report of this just came out but was decided on the 8th.

Supreme Court Rules Biden Administration Must Face False Debt Reporting Lawsuits. [Look carefully at this ruling. It means the government can be sued for carelessly ruining a person's credit rating. Think Central Bank Digital Currency and social credit scores.]

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