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Jim’s Daily Rant. Choosing Your Way Through The Reality Matrix. Cowboy Card Counting.

Suppose an exceptionally talented card counter went back into time to an early cowboy time to count cards at the poker table. Then suppose he never considered they would probably be using a marked deck. How do you think his projections turned out.

Today Charles Nenner was interviewed and said he predicts war within the next year or so. He also predicts the fall of the dollar because of formulas of the Economists over the years shows this or that.

Nenner is a brilliant man whom I greatly respect. But at this moment I disagree with him. He is leaving out a fact or two. First he is relying on rules of economics produced over hundred of years of free market activity. This is like our card counter counting cards of a marked deck that is cultivating tons of cheating and not random chance. It is stupid.

It is stupid not to consider all the fraud and manipulation in the banking world as well as the government world in revealing true numbers about anything.

Personally he is also wrong and different from me because I believe that White hats are winning over the Banksters and shutting them down. This is where we really differ. Nenner sees us in wars and competition with Russia, China and every body else. I still believe the US White Hats are leading the charge to wipe out the Elite Mafia creating wars all over the world. I still believe most of the big countries are in unison with the White Hats to end warfare.

I believe a lot of last minute deal brokering is still being made about Taiwan and South Korea and other countries, but the deal is either done now or close the being done. Therefore in my reality, wars are ending and countries will begin the world soon in peace. Therefore, Nenner is wrong.

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