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Jim’s Daily Rant. Change In My Writing Style.

Yesterday I noticed a change in the tone of my recent Rants. They seem more urgent and more of an explanation of changes occurring now. I didn’t decide to do this; it just happened.

Yesterday I called a few friends and family and told them something like the following.

My Rants were some warnings of what to expect along with discussion of current headlines just out. The purpose of this website was to share research on the Collapse and Reset for those without the time to do their own research.

But my true purpose was to mitigate suffering for those that can learn early what is happening, as many will not survive the stress of falling into an abyss of unknowns.

In the future I will focus more on explanations and timing hints as new information is thrown on the public. I know of some cards yet to be laid but I am not the one to expose them prematurely.

I will no longer scale my rants to possible Newbys just joining us. Instead I will assume all readers become familiar with all future posting marked as “Absolute Must Read”.At the end of future Rants I will post a list of all “Absolute Must Reads” since my last Rant just in case you missed one.

Therefore, in the future I will be reluctant to discuss the Hyper-Novalty with others who are not doing their homework. I simply do not have the power to awaken the Sheeple before the elevator door opens. I don’t need the guilt for failure in such attempts.

I have to save myself too.


Important Rants:

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