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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Business Plans and Toilet Paper.

Folks, I have been involved with business plans most of my adult life. This is something I have never thought about or said out loud before. But when I think about it, it is amazing to suddenly see it as a fact. But all of this could be said with substituting toilet paper with business plans. It’s the same; I’m around it every day.

So I agree that we probably share the toilet paper association but I am out there on business plans. I have seen and studied hundreds of them. I have seen them for all sorts of businesses, presented from rich folks to poor folks.

But never have I seen one blatantly designed to explode on the opening date for the business! Of course I am talking about Target now. How can they gamble their entire business net worth on a clothing design for less than 1% of the population? I would love to see the sales forecast from that product line. I assure you it was hidden or never shown.

That’s like Gillette making razors just for 600+ pound bearded ladies and using it to crowd out all their other shelf space of shaving products. It just makes no sense.

So why would they deliberately run off most of their customers? I can only conceive of one reason. They are related to Walmart by blood. Are they helping the Deep State collapse America in return for the two chains being the only two box stores to survive the New World Global Order run by major corporations?

Is the Walmart family sacrificing half of itself to save the other half due to product shortages? Is this like closing an air tight door on a sinking ship?

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