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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Best Lawfare This Side Of The Other Side (Third World Country).

A society crumbles when it loses it’s legal system We no longer have a legal system worth losing.

We saw all the shenanigans in the Georgia court with Fani willis. The biggest mistakes I see is she brought in a ringer from the White House to get trump. Today we see the same thing occurring in that the DOJ sent in their ringer. Of course he was appointed by either Biden or Obama(nor sure which) .

Aren't both situations require them recusing themselves. How can both ringers get paid by outside money?

My memory slips me but either the Georgia case or the New York Alvin Brag/ letiticiaJames case failed to get a required Indictment. One case had a special Grand Jury the refused to issue an indictment as required by law. Instead the suggested / recommended the State prosecute Trump. Did they know something was illegal and did not wish to be personally sued? Or perhaps the the District Attorney knew something about what they were doing was illegal?

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