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Jim’s Daily Rant. Becoming A Hunka; Seed Oil Escape Diet.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Betty tells me she will no longer see me as her Hunka Hunka Burning Love unless I get down to a Hunka by losing 80 pounds, one third of my current body weight. Normally I would be pouting about this but not this time. Now it has become a piece of cake.

For twenty years I have been telling people that when we get to the backside of the Renaissance the new medical system will make us healthy immediately instead of shearing us from month to month. So if I really believe that, then now is the time to search for the new medical cures. Now enter Clif High.

He has shown us part of the new medicine. It is time to knowingly create our own future, choosing our on path, No more whimpering about poor ole us. It’s time to take control of our own lives for once, and that is what I now choose to do.

Clif is right in that we need to stop allowing them to poison us and instead get ourselves clean and happy. If you choose to join me in getting off the poisonous Margarine and seed oils our bodies cannot tolerate, then now is the time.

I have tried to simplify all that Clif tells us in his two podcasts on easily expelling the excess unusable poisonous fat from our bodies. Attached is a simplified Seed Oil Escape Diet Plan, bring you up to speed on what is being done now. Use it.

I still do not know how much weekly weight loss to expect as I left off a part of his plan; I failed to get an infrared light to give the body the photon energy needed to burn off the unusable fat without exercising. I started using my new lamp today, so in a few days I will be able to predict the weight loss going forward. I will share my discovery with you later.

I will also review all of the comments on Clif’s two podcasts in a week or so. One podcast has 600 comments that must be reviewed. So I am still in the learning process.

But in the meantime, use the attached diet activity plan to avoid some of my mistakes. In closing, this is the easiest diet I have ever been on. It’s free, I am not hungry during the day, I eat great easy meals, and no longer have the urge to snack. And best of all, there is no running or use of a torture machines!

Note on Downloading the file: Been having trouble with the website the past few weeks. For some reason I cannot upload the file under any format. I am still trying, when I get it right it will be titled "Recap of Clif's Diet.pdf".

Recap of Clif's Diet
Download PDF • 38KB

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