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Jim’s Daily Rant. Are We Seeing Things Turn?

I know we are in a propaganda war, but are we seeing a turn in our country this week?

Diane Feinstein was buried yesterday meaning that the Pelosi power block lost her controlled vote. However, California Governor Newsom remains controlled by Pelosi and appointed a bimbo to fill Feinstein’s Senate seat. Therefore Feinstein’s vote is passed yet still controlled. However, Feinstein’s name has been lost to the press.

Also yesterday Pelosi was embarrassed by being thrown out of her House office next to the House Speaker’s office. Now this might be said to just being a visual headline only, but it still is offensive to Pelosi. Then again it might be a signal that she no longer will have power with the Speaker of the House.

Yesterday was indeed a busy day possibly indicating a turn. This headline "Too Freaking Late" - Mayorkas Finally Admits "Acute & Immediate Need" To Build Border Wall In Texas appeared out of the blue.

In a stunning reversal of everything that was said over the last 7 years by the left, and just months after the Biden administration was caught selling portions of Trump's border wall on a government surplus website,DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is citing an "acute and immediate need" to waive dozens of federal laws in order to build a border wall in south Texas as the illegal immigration crisis grows utterly out of control.

We can only assume that Mayorkas has jumped the Cabal’s ship. So again, I wonder if we are seeing things turn against the Cabal?

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