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Jim’s Daily Rant. Another Reason to Expect The Global Financial Collapse Soon.

Today Clif High gave us another heads-up for the dates between Oct. 28 and Nov. 4th. He said this in the last 5 minutes of his podcast.

He again said that event will be about something the world has never experienced before and he had no idea what it could be. He went on to say it will be much bigger than the Twin Towers event in regards to emotional upheaval. He was confident that it did not involve the current Israel activity.

It just occurred to me that in my Rant yesterday, I Never Said This, I said that based on what SGAnon said about China preparing to attack Taiwan, and when the ground war there begins, the global Financial System will collapse. I calculated that ships cannot sit holding war equipment for a battle for two long. I projected that if his China / Taiwan information is correct, we should expect the Collapse to occur within two weeks.

Roughly two weeks from yesterday is around Oct 31st, right dab in the middle of the 8 days targeted by Clif. Lest I remind you that the world has never seen a sudden global financial collapse – one that can stop most money movement around the globe on a dime.

I am just suggesting to prepare yourself psychologically for an unsettling event.

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